I m back....

Can t believe I m back in MN and I m back 2 school :( Even though I almost died the first 2 days, I LOVED the rest of it (well, everything besides Venya s nonstop complaints). I wish I coould run away from civilization more often and, preferably, With my boyfriend. I m incredibly excited for the SUMMER (only 1.5 months left), already dreaming about those canyons...
But, like I said, the first days weren t easy - here s Venya s quote: Yeah, the pain was pretty bad... I started talking to Nicole to forget about the pain. You started listening to us to forget about yours. Nicole had nothing to forget about, so she started talking to us. Btw, Venya carried more than anybody else did, AND he did keep the promist NOT to carry any of my stuff. Like I needed his help... :P

А утром бывало так:
Просыпаемся, опять идет дождь, холодно... Веня Ф. и я, рассматривая грязь на его так и не высохших штанах:
В- Ewwwwwwwww
Я- Disgustinggggg
В- Блияяяяяяяяядь...

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